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09.05.07 19:09

Dr. Paone and Dr. Malecki published an article in Dentistry

A 2 page article about the results of a follow-up study on 108 patients is published in the April issue of Dentistry.

23.03.07 20:59

Cryodent device can be ordered

After the first prototype was in test the NETWORK members have accepted the developped device

12.02.07 19:05

NETWORK speaker Dirk Brandl meets Prof. Sandalli

Prof. Sandalli, Dean of Yeditepe University, Istanbul, had a meeting with Dirk Brandl to discuss a Cryodent study

29.09.06 17:38

First description of the therapy by the NETWORK founders

Dr. Malecki and Dr. Paone present cryotherapy to a wider professional audience for the first time in the journal Die Zahnarzt Woche No. 38/2006.

15.09.06 07:18

Congress on 25 and 26 November in Bonn

Further extensions not ruled out...

07.09.06 15:20

German Further Training Symposium and NETWORK-Cryodent plan congress

The event will be concerned above all with innovative therapies that can also be economically adopted in dental practices.

26.08.06 17:22

Article published on cryotherapy

The summary written by the two initial users of cryodent therapy, Dr. Paone and Dr. Malecki, together with numerous illustrations, has been accepted by “Die Zahnarzt Woche (DZW)”, a journal received by nearly all dentists.

09.08.06 12:24

Dr. Paone and Dr. Malecki plan first report on their practical experience

The two NETWORK pioneers are currently working on a summary of their two-year results.

10.07.06 18:16

NETWORK members improve the technical appliance

One outcome of the first workshop to be held is a wish on the part of members to be actively involved in the development of optimum hardware appliance.

01.06.06 13:28

Seminar on periodontitis prophylaxis and prevention through cryotherapy

An international meeting of dentists in the NETWORK-Cryodent was held on 27 May in Dortmund

04.05.06 18:31

1st workshop for pioneers on 27 May in Dortmund

As a very large number of dentists have indicated their interest in the new therapy, a first training workshop has been prepared.

12.02.06 18:32

First German member of the NETWORK-Cryodent

The experience dentist and implantologist, Dr. Markus Tosse from Rheinberg, has now joined our development team.

18.01.06 18:34

NETWORK-Cryodent starts work

Initial tests are intended to demonstrate the superiority of the new cryo-technology

14.12.05 12:36

Foundation of the NETWORK-Cryodent

After consulting with Dr. Paone and Dr. Malecki about the current status of the therapy development, the NETWORK-Globalhealth has decided to found the first dental therapy network.

02.10.05 14:57

NETWORK researches electrical cryotherapy appliance

After intense research, we have found an optimum treatment appliance

30.03.05 18:39

Gentle treatment of periodontitis

For almost 2 years now, dentists Dr. Pasquale Paone and Dr. Roland Malecki have been successfully treating periodontitis and gingivitis using a cryotherapy method.

23.03.05 17:40

Pioneers present the first systematic results

The two pioneers of modern cryotherapy treatment of the gingiva are currently preparing a first publication of their sensational treatment results.

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