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The NETWORK-Cryodent was founded by a number of dentists with an interest in further researching and developing the use of cryotherapy for the treatment of various illnesses in the field of dentistry. Cryotherapy as such has been in use for more than 10 years in dermatology for the treatment of several indications and is therefore neither new nor unusual. What is new and unusual is the use of cryotherapy in the oral cavity for treating inflammation of the gums, especially when caused by periodontitis. The often highly unpleasant and painful treatment of this common disease can at least be delayed through the new therapy and in some cases even avoided altogether – at least according to the initial experience of the two pioneers of the therapy, Dr. Roland Malecki and Dr. Pasquale Paone, Italy, who have now been using it for 2 years. Further studies, the precise definition of all the therapy standards and improvements in the medical equipment – with adaptation for dental needs – are important and necessary tasks which can be tackled best within a creatively operating network.




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