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29.09.06 17:38

First description of the therapy by the NETWORK founders

Dr. Malecki and Dr. Paone present cryotherapy to a wider professional audience for the first time in the journal Die Zahnarzt Woche No. 38/2006.

The two pioneers of cryodent therapy in dentistry, Dr. Roland Malecki, Fano, und Dr. Pasquale Paone, Varese, have presented the results of their trials to German dentists for the first time in a full-page article. The two authors impressively document the potential that this new therapy can offer the patients. Clearly, a two-year period of observation in practical application is not the same as a scientific study – nor do the authors claim it to be – but the future potential of this therapy clearly emerges.
Another positive aspect is the aim of the pioneers to conduct broader-based observation of the therapy in practical use by all NETWORK members as soon as the newly developed appliance is ready for working with. Click here for the text of the article.



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