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01.06.06 13:28

Seminar on periodontitis prophylaxis and prevention through cryotherapy

An international meeting of dentists in the NETWORK-Cryodent was held on 27 May in Dortmund

The participants in the seminar were informed by Dr. Roland Malecki and Dr. Pasquale Paone, both Italy, on the current status of the therapy. The treatment of affected gums convinced the participants of the possibilities offered by the cryo-shock treatment. The need for PA operations can be considerably delayed, inflamed gums are replaced by healthy tissue, loose tooth become firmly embedded again, and socket depths are considerably reduced. A very important fact to note is that cryotherapy can be incorporated at many stages of periodontitis treatment and offers an ideal supplement to conservative PA treatment.
Especially the case examples presented convinced the participants of the merits of this therapy, which was developed more than 30 years ago but has hitherto been unsuitable for use in dental practice because of the lack of the right technical equipment.
The NETWORK-Cryodent is working with industry on the development of the technical hardware and will in the near future present a technically mature and certified appliance that allows optimum results to be achieved.
This therapy could be very helpful and beneficial especially in the prevention of PA. The patients who underwent treatment were astonished to find that even on severely inflamed gums, the contact with the low temperatures was almost pain-free, and that also afterwards, no pain occurred.



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