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04.05.06 18:31

1st workshop for pioneers on 27 May in Dortmund

As a very large number of dentists have indicated their interest in the new therapy, a first training workshop has been prepared.

The first workshop on cryotherapy has been finalised. The theoretical side will be presented by Dr. Malecki, Italy. Dr. Markus Tosse, Germany, has agreed to deal with the economic benefits and outline to the participants how the therapy can be meaningfully integrated into their practices. Dr. Pasquale Paone, the dentist with the greatest practical experience, will take care of the practical side, with demonstrations on several test persons. The workshop has become possible as a manufacturer has now undertaken to develop a cryo-appliance that uses electricity and will therefore make the treatment as economical as possible. The members of the NETWORK-Cryodent especially wish to address colleagues who are not afraid of pioneering work in establishing a therapy concept and in collaborating with colleagues to build a worldwide network. The workshop price therefore includes one year’s NETWORK membership free of charge.



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