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14.12.05 12:36

Foundation of the NETWORK-Cryodent

After consulting with Dr. Paone and Dr. Malecki about the current status of the therapy development, the NETWORK-Globalhealth has decided to found the first dental therapy network.

In the meantime, news of the revolutionary new method of treatment for periodontitis and gingivitis has got around not only among dentists in Italy but now also in Germany. We are receiving increasing numbers of inquiries from dentists who want to offer their patients this less invasive form of therapy. We have therefore decided to create the NETWORK-Cryodent, whose task will be to establish binding therapy standards, publish the results, and inform patients about this pain-free method of treatment. Dentists who wish to know more about this new procedure should please contact Dirk Brandl, brandl@netzwerk-cryodent.de.



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