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30.03.05 18:39

Gentle treatment of periodontitis

For almost 2 years now, dentists Dr. Pasquale Paone and Dr. Roland Malecki have been successfully treating periodontitis and gingivitis using a cryotherapy method.

Almost 30 years ago, the French dentist Dr. Karim Madi had an appliance constructed with which he treated sick gums using nitrogen in liquid and gaseous form. Despite excellent results, the new method failed to become generally established at that time as there were no possibilities for conveniently and safely storing the gas. Following Dr. Madi’s retirement, the device was acquired by Dr. Paone, who has since been using it. Together with his friend, Dr. Roland Malecki, he developed a treatment cycle which significantly improves the condition of inflamed gums. We find this approach highly interesting and intend to conduct research with the aim of identifying an appliance that meets today’s needs.



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