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09.05.07 19:09

Dr. Paone and Dr. Malecki published an article in Dentistry

A 2 page article about the results of a follow-up study on 108 patients is published in the April issue of Dentistry.

Here is the conclusion of the 2 authors:
➢ Very little or no pain symptoms
➢ Minimal invasive
➢ No cutting
➢ No stitching
➢ Few or no post-operative problems
➢ No scarring
➢ Rapid healing
➢ No need for local anaesthetic
➢ Slight local anaesthetising effect
➢ Fast treatment time
➢ Improved patient compliance
➢ No patient compliance needed for the treatment
➢ Anti-bacterial effect
➢ Anti-inflammatory effect
➢ Improved local blood circulation
➢ No side effects
➢ Low costs
➢ Opportunity for new patient recruitment and further service offers
➢ Treatment possible by assistants



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